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Stampede go 1–1 on the day

By Gabriel Garcia , 11/12/22, 11:30PM CST


Stampede split games with in-state rival Houston

What a day in Houston! The Stampede takes the court for the first time with Frenchman Sebastien Verdin in the Houston Texas Cup. 

In game one:
Verdin, quickly learning the Texas system, was a great compliment to Stampede member Alex Pabon. As the two shared in the scoring role, both players also caused plenty of turnovers for the opposing side. 

While trying to get on the same page, Texas was down by as many as five goals. The Stampede battled back to tie the score in the final minutes of the fourth quarter. In the final seconds of the game, Houston looking to score and go up by one, run out of time on the shot clock leaving five seconds on the game clock. Texas quickly inbounds the ball to Pabon streaking down the court and he sees a breaking Verdin going towards the goal. With a quick and precise bump, Verdin is able to catch and score as time expires to finish with the win!!

In game two:
Texas quickly jumped out to a three point lead over Houston. Then after a few bad bounces the Stampede we're down by two for a majority of the game. Verdin and Pabon continued to learn each other's way on the court however the Stampede just could cut the deficit and lost the afternoon match by two.

Tomorrow the Stampede finish the weekend with the last game at 12:30p. Stayed tuned!