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Texas fights against adversity.

By The Herd, 03/22/14, 11:30PM CDT


Stampede drop out of final four contention on Day 2


On a day when the Texas stampede had a chance to play in the final four at the 2014 national championships, Errors turnovers and miscues  plagued the burnt orange crew. 
On paper the stampede matched up well against the Tampa generals, however the aforementioned issues began early and plagued the team throughout the game and day.   It felt like everything we tried, Tampa had an answer for said James Gumbert.  And while the game was still close in the third (seven points) the stampede could not find the answers to be able to pull it even.  
The fourth-quarter proved to be our downfall said Gumbert we weren't on the same page and it showed on the court.  A gritty stampede team loses to Tampa 43 - 32. 
Coming off a stinging defeat to Tampa Texas had to quickly regroup before playing the shepherd smash.  With plan in hand the team took to the court and had a back and forth first quarter with Shepard  trailing by one at the horn. 
The long weekend begin to show on the members of the stampede in the 2nd. They had been playing Ironman rugby since Emily's classification out of the sport early yesterday. An errant pass here a 10 second dribble there began to add up and at the half the stampede were down by five.  
The quick rest and a substitution sparked the team, who were able to pull it to three. But that's as close as it would get as the smash were able to capitalize on multiple turnovers and pull away with a 60 to 45 win.
It was a rough day on and off the court said Gumbert, we did a lot of things right and learned a lot on the court, but it wasn't enough.  Trying to play with a legal 8 point line against another 8 point line is tough enough. Playing with 6 1/2 points is a challenge anyway you look at it. I am very proud of how this team has pulled together and did the best they could with what we had said Gumbert. 
The stampede get one more chance to improve their record tomorrow when they have a rematch against the Lakeshore demolition at 9 AM. Check back here for more details.

thanks Drew for the great photos!