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Texas Stampede wins Demolition Derby

By The Herd, 02/05/24, 10:30AM CST


Stampede victorious in Birmingham Alabama invitational

The Texas Stampede wheelchair rugby team left an indelible mark at the demolition derby in Birmingham, Alabama, securing a triumphant weekend February 2 - 4, 2024. Their dominance was evident as they clinched victories over formidable opponents, including Lakeshore Demolition, WWAR, Shepherd Smash, and the Boise Bombers. The climax of the tournament was a thrilling rematch against the Bombers in the final, where the Stampede's consistent performance and strategic prowess propelled them to victory, solidifying their standing on the wheelchair rugby circuit.

Player-coach Gabriel Garcia's influence was not only felt on the court but also acknowledged with the prestigious sportsmanship award. Reflecting on the team's collective performance, Garcia expressed his satisfaction, stating, "I was really pleased with the way we played this weekend. I believe we have a good foundation going into the next few months of the season." With an eye on the national championship in May, Garcia emphasized the importance of conditioning and strategic preparation, setting the stage for an exciting upcoming tournament in Dallas.

Veteran player Bryan Kirkland, a cornerstone of the Stampede's success, played a vital role in the team's victories, showcasing his experience and leadership. “The weekend's impressive performance established a strong foundation for the upcoming months, instilling confidence in the team's ability to compete at the highest level”. Kirkland said. 

As the Stampede celebrate their triumphs in Birmingham, they are now poised for an exciting season ahead, with a firm commitment to defending their national championship title in May.

Tournament best in class honors were rightfully bestowed upon Alejandro Pabon and Earl Bowser, acknowledging their outstanding contributions. The spotlight also shone on newcomer Josh Smith, who continued to make waves with a breakout season for the Stampede, adding depth and dynamism to the team. Additionally, Paralympian and high pointer Sebastien Verdin delivered another standout performance, further solidifying his reputation. Notably, Verdin is set to join the French national team in preparation for upcoming events in Europe, marking a significant milestone in his growing career.

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