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Sebastien Verdin, Earl Bowser and Alejandro Pabón Bring home The hardware

Texas Stampede wheelchair rugby athletes Alejandro Pabon, Earl Bowser, and Sebastien Verdin have clinched top honors at the 2024 USWRANational Championships, reaffirming their dominance in the sport. These athletes, alongside their teammates, displayed exceptional skill and determination, earning them recognition as the best in their class. Their outstanding performance not only highlights their individual talents but also underscores the strength of the Texas Stampede team as a whole.


Reflecting on his achievement, Alejandro Pabon remarked, "This recognition is a testament to my coach and teammates, for putting me in the best position to be successful. And to the team staff, who makes sure my equipment is in great shape and my body is ready to go. I couldn’t do what I do without the Stampede family, it surely does take a village." Pabon's words emphasize the collaborative effort and support system within the team, acknowledging the crucial role played by both teammates and staff.


Earl Bowser expressed his gratitude, stating, "It was an honor and privilege to be selected to a team that was stacked with so many Paralympian and World Championship players. It was even more special to share it with both Alex and Seb as well." Bowser's sentiments capture the camaraderie shared among the athletes, underscoring the sense of unity and mutual respect within the Texas Stampede team.


Sebastien Verdin echoed his teammates' sentiments, saying, "It's always a pleasure to play with this team and these teammates. We fought well, but a stronger team won in the final but no regrets. We gave everything and had a lot of fun playing." Verdin's remarks reflect the team's competitive spirit and unwavering dedication, demonstrating their resilience and sportsmanship throughout the championship.


Moreover, this achievement marks the second consecutive year that both Verdin and Pabon have been selected for this honor, further solidifying their status as elite athletes in the sport. As part of the Texas team that finished as runner-ups in Division One, these athletes have showcased their exceptional talent and commitment to excellence. 


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Gabriel Garcia wins 2024 Coach of the Year Award

By The Herd 05/08/2024, 10:00am CDT

Coach humbled by honor

Gabriel Garcia, the seasoned veteran of wheelchair rugby, has added another accolade to his illustrious career as he was named the 23/24 Coach of the Year by the United States Wheelchair Rugby Association. With a remarkable 15-year history as a player in the sport, Garcia brought his wealth of experience to the sidelines in his inaugural year as head coach of the Texas Stampede. Despite it being his first year in charge, Garcia led the Stampede to an extraordinary season, culminating in the national championship game where they contended for the prestigious title.


Reflecting on his unexpected achievement, Garcia remarked, "I was completely surprised and honored by Coach of the Year honors. It is not something I ever expected or even thought I deserve with the amount of talented coaches throughout the league. I am humbled to receive the honor." Garcia's humility and dedication have not only propelled him to success on the court but have now established him as a respected leader in the coaching realm. Congratulations Coach. We are proud of you. For more updates and news on the Texas Stampede, visit

Stampede come up short in epic rematch

**Texas Stampede Finishes Second at 2024 USWRA National Championships**


The Texas Stampede a (C&R Medical Sponsored by) wheelchair rugby team put on a spectacular show at the 2024 US Wheelchair Rugby Association (US WRA) National Championships held in Tampa, Florida, from May 2nd to 5th, 2024. 

In a thrilling rematch from earlier in the weekend against the Generals, both teams showcased some of the best athletes the sport has to offer. With star power including two Hall of Famers, five Paralympians, and ten former national champions, the stage was set for an epic showdown that had fans on the edge of their seats.

The match began with intense energy as the Stampede fielded a formidable lineup including Sebastien Verdin, Alejandro Pabon, Bryan Kirkland, and Earl Bowser, while the Generals countered with Robinson, McDaniel Melton, and Crouch. Despite early goal exchanges, the Generals capitalized on critical miscues by the Stampede, leading by three points at the end of the first quarter with a score of 13-10.

In the second quarter, the Stampede attempted various defensive strategies to challenge the Generals' offense, but the Generals extended their lead to five points by halftime, maintaining their momentum.

The third quarter saw a focused effort from the Stampede, emphasizing control and deliberate rugby. Despite exchanging goals and causing turnovers, they struggled to consistently convert offensively, trailing by seven points at the end of the quarter.

In the fourth quarter, both teams made substitutions, with Shockerbauer and Smith making impressive efforts for the Stampede. However, the Generals pulled away, securing their first national championship in over 25 years, while the Stampede finished as runners-up in a hard-fought battle of athleticism and skill.

Head coach Gabriel Garcia expressed disappointment with the outcome, stating, "It's not the ending I envisioned for the team today. We just didn't have it." However, Garcia praised the contributions of the entire team throughout the tournament, highlighting standout performances from Liz Dunn, Jared "Juice" Compton, Joshua Smith, Sebastien Verdin, and others.

The 2024 USWRA National Championships showcased the resilience and talent of wheelchair rugby athletes, with the Texas Stampede proving once again why they are among the top contenders in the sport.

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