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Stampede working in the community

By The Herd, 10/09/13, 12:00PM CDT


Team members work with PTA class in Austin

The Texas Stampede were out in the community Tuesday working with the Austin Community College PTA program. "It has been a pleasure working with the program over the years", said James Gumbert. "We truly enjoy the chance to help the future professionals who will be working with people in our population". 


Instructor and PT Patty Collier said, “the students get to connect a real person with the injuries we are studying, they get a chance to practice their sensory testing and muscle testing skills with someone who is not just pretending to have an injury, and they actually get to feel what spasticity feels like”.  Further she explained, “no one knows what it's like to have a SCI, there's no way a teacher can truly convey what it's like by telling stories in a classroom”. “The Stampede brought SCI to life for these students”.


If you or your group is interested in the Stampede working with your group or a speaking engagement, contact